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Join revolutionary completely automated Matrix program founded by a Bitcoin Matrix LEGEND
with just $20 one time payment ! Upgrades and withdrawals are completely automated !
You need only two referrals to turn 20 usd into 100,000+ usd (in Bitcoins).

- One time payment only 20 usd in bitcoin
- Automatic upgrades and withdrawals
- Automatic new positions
- No monthly payment
- Maximum earning per position is bit more than 200k usd
- Members can buy multiple position when they join this program
- Members will get more positions after complete each level
- Earning from all positions under one profile account




Crypto-builder is a simple but powerful Matrix program.

Matrix 1 (Tortoise) and Matrix 2 (Ambitious) has been activated.

Every member can have only two referrals on their Level 1 but can have as many positions as they want without having to open more than one account.

The program has six levels, it is a 2x6 Team Forced Matrix.

You pay the US Dollar value of $20/$100 in Bitcoin. Payouts are calculated once you cycle a level. You get paid the Bitcoin value of the payout at the market value at the time of cycling.

There are no monthly subscriptions.

On this page, you can see the earning table at the top and you will probably understand how it works immediately after you take a closer look at it.

To be qualified to receive withdrawals, members must have at least one matrix position active, and at least one direct referral joined with his link, no matter where in your downline structure.


Follow this explanation to understand the Payout Process

On level 1 you get 2 people, and on level 1 you don't get paid anything because the $40 you get there is used to pay for your level 2 upgrade.

On level 2 you get 4 people, and once all of them paid you received $160 of which $80 is used to upgrade you to level 3 and $20 is used to pay for another position.

This is where most people get it wrong.
Your level 2 people need to get payments from your level 3 which is their level 1, as the payments come in, the first payments are accumulated till it reaches $80 and then it is used to pay for your upgrade, then the next $20 that comes in pays for your new position in the matrix. After your upgrade and your new position is paid for then the next $60 that comes in gets paid out to you as it comes in. So you will typically get a $20 payment which is at the current exchange rate too small to be paid out since the minimum payout amount is 0.0025btc, that means when the next payout of $20 comes then the total is enough to be paid out to you till you reach your $60 payout.

On level 3 you get 8 people, and for your level 3 to pay you, they need to receive payments from your level 5 which is their level 2 to make the level 3 payments. So if you expect payments from your level 3, go check if you have people on level 5 who paid them before you wonder where your payments are. Once again, the first payments coming in will accumulate to pay for your upgrade to level 4 first which is $260, the next payments coming in will pay for 4 new positions in your matrix, and only after that occurred will you start receiving payments till you received in total $300 on level 3.

Following these examples, it is easy to follow the payment process you need to keep in mind.